How CARE Works

Every member of the Wake Forest University community is unique, so the CARE Team response to each referral will attend to the special circumstances presented! Below is the general process followed when a CARE Referral is received, but it’s important to note that referrals assessed as being more urgent may result in different outreach efforts, such as a wellbeing check by a member of Residence Life and Housing or WFUPD. 

  1. A CARE Referral is submitted for a Wake Forest University community member (self, student, faculty, or staff).
  2. A CARE Team member will evaluate the referral, gather additional information from liaison offices as needed, and reach out to the referred community member to express their concern and offer support.
  3. The referred community member is offered the opportunity to meet with a CARE Team member, typically a case manager or Dean. In this meeting, the CARE Team member listens to their story, assesses their current situation and state, evaluates their needs, and provides intervention recommendations and/or supportive referrals on campus. 
  4. Once the referred community member has been connected with supportive resources and necessary interventions have been applied to ensure they’re supported and safe, the CARE Referral will be considered completed and closed. 

If an individual is referred and their referral is resolved, but they have another need or concern arise in the future–another referral can be made! Another community member can reach out to refer them or, having been connected to CARE in the past, the individual may reach out directly to refer themselves. 

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For any non-urgent questions or to make a referral, please email

Though some of its members represent offices which are involved in crisis response, the CARE Team is not tasked with responding to emergencies.

During an emergency or if you are in need of immediate assistance or consultation, contact WFU Police 24/7 at 336.758.5911.