Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the CARE Team?

    The CARE Team is a collaborative group on campus that works together to identify, assess, and support community members who are struggling or are engaging in concerning behaviors. The CARE Team system empowers Wake Forest University community members to express concern over a fellow Deac, incident, or behaviors by submitting a CARE referral online. You can submit a referral for any Wake Forest community member, including yourself, to receive caring outreach and get connected with support.

  • Who is on the CARE Team?

    The CARE Team is made up of professionals from Human Resources, Office of Academic Advising, Office of the Dean of Students, Residence Life and Housing, Student Health Services, University Counseling Center, University Legal Department, and University Police.

  • What happens when I make a CARE referral?

    When you make a CARE Referral, the CARE Team reviews the information you have provided, assesses the situation’s urgency, and reaches out to the referred community member in the manner most befitting their circumstance. Typically a case manager reaches out to the individual, but in some instances another member of the CARE Team provides caring outreach, such as Residence Life and Housing or WFUPD for a welfare check. For a full step-by-step breakdown of the process, please see our How Care Works page.

  • Is a CARE referral punitive?

    A CARE Referral is ultimately an expression of concern from one member of the community about another. It is not punitive, but instead a way of expressing care. The CARE Team reaches out to individuals who have been referred to us with a desire to help and support them, and to get them connected with resources that will be able to assist them further. If referred individuals are participating in illegal or dangerous activities, there may be consequences based on the student code of conduct or laws, but this is also done from a place of care. Our ultimate concern is for the health, wellbeing, and success of the Wake Forest community and its members. 

  • Are CARE referrals anonymous?

    CARE Referrals can be made anonymously through the CARE Referral form. If you submit a CARE Referral by phone or through the email address, then you can request that your information not be disclosed to the community member you are referring.

  • How confidential are CARE referrals?

    If you are making a CARE referral for another Wake Forest University community member, you are not required to provide your name or contact information. You can also provide that information to the CARE Team, but request that it not be shared with the individual you are referring. It is helpful for the CARE Team to have that information for follow-up and support, but it is not required. The CARE Team works to keep referrals and information shared private and strictly need-to-know, but we do consult with liaison offices on campus as needed. Information shared is not legally confidential.

  • Who do I contact if my concern is an emergency?

    If you are worried about the immediate safety of a community member, or the larger campus community, please call the Wake Forest University Police Department at 911 or 336.758.9111.

  • What are case management services, and how can case managers help?

    Our case managers typically respond to CARE Referrals. They provide caring outreach and a listening ear, inviting community members to share their story and current circumstances. In addition to providing emotional support, they help assess Deacs’ needs, and interventions and resources that might be able to alleviate their current stressors. This can mean offering check-in meetings, providing referrals to liaison offices across campus and coordinating care, helping navigate the University’s systems, and much more. Case managers tailor their response to struggling Deacs’ individual needs. Should you find yourself in need of support and aren’t sure where to start in getting in, reach out to us! We can help. 

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For any non-urgent questions or to make a referral, please email

Though some of its members represent offices which are involved in crisis response, the CARE Team is not tasked with responding to emergencies.

During an emergency or if you are in need of immediate assistance or consultation, contact WFU Police 24/7 at 336.758.5911.