Who Can I Talk To?

The CARE team is not tasked with responding to emergencies. If this is an emergency and you are in need of immediate assistance or consultation, contact WFU Police at 336.758.5911.

The CARE Team is responsible for evaluating all reports of behaviors or communications (verbal or written) which cause alarm for members of the university community.  Any person (supervisor, staff, faculty, student, or other concerned person) who is aware of concerning behavior is asked to discuss their concerns with a member of the team. Additionally, the CARE Team has developed relationships with liaisons throughout the university.  These liaisons are trained to help connect persons with core CARE Team members.

CARE Team Member Offices:

*While the University Counseling Center and Student Health Service can be resources for the reporting of concerning incidents or behavior, professionals from these offices are often limited in their ability to communicate specific information due to state laws related to confidentiality. In such a circumstance, office staff are trained to connect the reporter with other CARE Team members.

Liaison Offices: